Halloween cocktail

We’ve got the perfect spooky cocktail for you this Halloween! We all know and love the Halloween treat of a toffee apple, well mix that with the Scottish Halloween tradition of ‘dookin’ for apples’, put it all in a cocktail and ta-dah! If you enjoy trying new, flavoursome cocktails, then this is a brilliant recipe for you!

Before you start grab some ingredients!

Glass: Collins
Ice: Cubed
Garnish: Apple slice and paper straw
Mixer: Shaker glass

Ingredients: 3 shots of apple juice,1 shot of caramel syrup, dash of lemon juice, 2 shots of a Scotch whisky of your choice (we recommend a sweet, Speyside with apple undertones!)


Fill the Collins glass with ice and water, then place to the side to chill. Take your shaker glass and add:

- 3 shots of apple juice
- 1 shot of caramel syrup
- dash of lemon juice
- 2 shots of Scotch whisky

Add ice to the Shaker glass and shake (with the lid on) for approximately 10 seconds.

Empty the ice and water from your Collins glass.

Re-fill the Collins glass with just ice this time.

Single strain the liquid from the Shaker glass into the ice-filled Collins glass.

Garnish with a paper straw and an apple slice on the lip of the glass, sip and enjoy!


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